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Best Ever Iron-On Quilt Labels

Best Ever Iron-On Quilt Labels
Compiled by Kerry Graham and Betsy La Honta

100+ Designs to Customize & Embellish with Stitching, Coloring & Painting

This value-packed book of 125 iron-quilt labels from 9 popular designers gives you so many options for personalizing your quilts or other artistic projects! With labels in multiple sizes for weddings, graduations, travel, Christmas, Halloween, fall, summer, new babies, and more, you’ll find the perfect one for any occasion. Then get creative and stitch or color the labels to match your style or the project—each image will transfer several times.

-- Includes labels from some of your favorite illustrators and designers: Debra Gabel, Kim Schaefer, Alethea Ballard, Brian Haggard, and more
-- Wide variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional to vintage
-- Multiple sizes and multiple occasions! Seasonal labels, holiday labels, labels for children, and more

40 printed pages, 80 pages total
8" x 11"