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Bunnies & Blossoms 24" Multi Stripe Repeat Yardage | Andi Metz for Benartex SKU# 99692-9

Bunnies & Blossoms 24" Multi Stripe Repeat Yardage
By Andi Metz for Benartex 

Every-bunny loves bunnies! And these bunnies are particularly loveable. Andi has created a very sweet collection of bunnies and blossoms. You'll find bunnies sniffing flowers, bunnies in the garden, bunnies in boxes to cut out and use for quilt blocks. This collection is perfect for a child's room or for birthday or Easter celebrations. The soft colorways and adorable bunny expressions make everyone smile. Quilts, nursery bags, even stuffed animals made from Bunnies and Blossoms will be memorable gifts and presents. So remember every bunny loves bunnies!

100% Cotton
SKU# 99692-9

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